Thursday, April 7, 2011

I Win!

I was lucky enough to be one of the blog partners chosen this month (second month in a row, in fact! How lucky is that?!) to win a prize package from Rings & Things! I’m so excited! I have yet to use the cool goodies I won in February but plan to do so soon, and I’ll blog about it for you.

Here’s the list of lucky blog-partner giveaway winners!

  1. Debbie St George
  2. Julia Benson-Slaughter
  3. Jan Baxter
  4. Jenny Stark
  5. Penny Illemszky
  6. Wella Cornelis
  7. Jeannie Dukic
  8. Dee Gordon
  9. Chris Jackman
  10. Kassie Inman

Congratulations to everyone, and thanks very much to Dave and the crew at Rings & Things!

Speaking of which, they’ve just launched their new Spring Supplement catalogue, so go check it out for some great deals on useful Mixed Media-themed pretties!

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