Tuesday, August 4, 2009


Over a year and a half ago, I arranged a nice little desk in my basement laundry room to serve as my jewelery-making 'studio' space. I could hang strings of beads, packages and earrings-in-progress on racks on the wall my desk was up against, and the drawers held all kinds of beads, wire, jigs and finished jewelery. My tools were hanging off a wire magazine rack next to the desk, which was also home to a few books and numerous issues of BeadStyle, Art Jewelry, Step by Step Wire Jewelry and the odd Bead&Button magazines. All in all, it worked all right until my first craft show, when I disassembled it to bring product, displays and a working kit to my tables. After the first year's shows, I reassembled it and continued. It worked well enough in the summer when I wanted to escape to the cool basement to create. In the winter, well.. I could always wear polar fleece (I practically live in fleece in the winter anyway).

We have a small bedroom in the basement that's warmer in the winter due to a wide vent in the middle of the ceiling that brings warm air in from the furnace on the other side of the wall. When we don't have a guest, we block the vent to redirect the heat to the upstairs rooms, since there's no point in heating a room no one's using. It also has a subfloor and my vast collection of PEZ dispensers. We don't get a lot of guests who use it, and the bed isn't very good anyway, so I decided to make the space a little more useful.

I got a great folding table on sale last week at Canadian Tire. It's sturdy but can be folded away in case I need to make some space in a hurry. Here's the progress as of today:

I was so excited to see table-top that I pulled out my working kit and immediately started unpacking so I could make some jewelery. I've been itching to make stuff for weeks and unable to face my little desk, so this was a real welcome relief. The table is wide enough for one of the kids to sit on the other side (on the drum throne) and make some jewelery with mom. I can pull in another chair for that so they can both join in, if need be.

I still have the futon, futon frame and double mattress to dispose of, but that will happen soon. Also, there's a little drum kit under there that we're taking to my brother's kids later this month, and boxes of the kids' out-grown toys that we're going to put in a garage sale at some point. There's boxes of 'gift stash' items (we Christmas/Birthday shop for friends and family all year round) stacked on and in a cedar chest too, but there's light at the end of the tunnel and I'm happy to have a comfortable place I can go to make stuff.

I even managed to rescue some space in the cupboards we salvaged from the previous owner's basement layout when we tore two rooms into one for our music room. I can fit a few clear plastic shoeboxes full of miscellaneous craft supplies and books in there.

I'm excited. I can't wait to get in there and make stuff, but I wanted to share the progress with you and give you the heads up that I'll be posting some more jewelery in the future. FINALLY!!! YAY!

Thanks for stopping by!

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