Saturday, June 27, 2009

Art for Adoption Auction

My friend Jaci goes by Quidditchmom on deviantART. It's how we met, admiring each other's work and making art trades. She's a really talented and interesting lady, and she and her hubby are adopting a child from Africa. By taking the international adoption option, they probably won't wait very long to be able to bring home their new daughter, but they will incur the huge expense of traveling to Africa to get her. It's not money many of us just have laying around, and she's asked her friends in the deviantART community to help by donating original artwork for an auction to raise money they desperately need to complete their family.

The first wave of this auction has ended and I won the item I bid on, so I'm really thrilled (as will the people to whom this gift will be given). One of the amigurumi I donated to the auction was won by another bidder, and so I'm really thrilled about that as well!

You can help the Selby family and get yourself some original artwork or artisan crafts by bidding on items in the remaining auctions at The July auction has begun and there are some really great items to bid on! You have to register but it's free and quick, and if you want to help but don't really want to buy any art, you can always make a donation.

Thanks for stopping by!

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