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Leon the Pig Amigurumi

Here's another free pattern from my gallery at deviantART. This one was requested (more than once) and I'm happy to be able to give it away now. My big thanks go to Beth (mercysmom on Ravelry) for testing this pattern for me!

Leon the Pig

R = round (or row)

sc = single crochet

st = stitch

tog = together (sc 2 tog = decrease)

sl st = slip stitch

ch = chain

instructions between * are repeated

Worsted weight yarn in pink or other desired colour.
Used: Red Heart Comfort 3147 (Dusty Rose)

Crochet hook : 4.25mm or G hook

Polyester fibrefill

optional: Two 6x9mm pony beads or two washer-backed safety eyes** in your choice of colour and size.
Yarn needle, for weaving in ends and sewing the pieces together.

** If using safety eyes, I recommend making a small support round that you'll but the eye's post through before the body, to give the post and washer more fabric to hold as well as to further hide the washer. If you don't use this round, the washer may show through holes around the eye. Just sc 6 in a circle using the amigurumi double ring. Pull it closed so the middle hole is big enough to recieve the safety eye post and bind it off with a slip stitch. weave in the end and pull it into the stuffing of the body when attaching the eyes, to hide and secure it. Alternatively, you can use a felt circle in a contrasting colour, to add dimension and detail to the eyes.


R1 - sc 6 in a circle (amigurumi double ring) = 6st

R2 - 2 sc in each st around = 12 st

R3 - *sc 1, 2 sc in next st* = 18 st

R4 - *sc 2, 2 sc in next st* = 24 st
(For bead eyes, crochet in pony beads twice on this round, on either side of the round)
R5 to R8 - sc around = 24
(If using safety eyes, insert them after you've made enough fabric to support the washers)
R9 - *sc 2, sc 2 tog* = 18 st

R10 - *sc 1, sc 2 tog* = 12 st

R11 - *sc 2 tog* = 6 st

If you wish, turn the form inside out to get a different, textured surface showing. Stuff it with fibrefill as you get close to the end here. Bind off with a sl st, leaving 12" or so, and sew the hole closed. With this long end, ch 4. Put 3 sc in the 2nd st from the hook and 3 in each ch leading back to the body. Bind off with a sl st and weave in your end. This should create your pig's curly tail.

Feet (make 4):

R1 - sc 6 in a circle (amigurumi double ring) = 6st

R2 to 5 - sc around.

Stuff each with a small ball of polyester fibre fill and sew the edges to the underside of the pig, two in front, two in back. Exact placement is your preference.


R1 - sc 6 in a circle (amigurumi double ring) = 6st

R2 - 2 sc in each st around = 12 st

Bind off with a sl st and sew this to the face, dead centre with either your cut end or a contrasting colour for nostrils. Sew it in two spots, where you want nostrils.

Ears (make 2):

R1 - sc 6 in a circle (amigurumi double ring) = 6st

R2 - *2 sc in next st, sc 2* = 8st

R3 - *2 sc in next st, sc 3* = 10st

R4 - *2 sc in next st, sc 4* = 12st

R5 - *sc 2 tog, sc 3* = 10st

R6 - sc 2 tog, sc 2, sc 2 tog, sc, sl st last st = 8st

Bind off and cut, leaving a 4" or so end, with which to sew the ear to the top of the body, just above the face.

If you didn't use pony beads or safety eyes, embroider your eyes on after placing the nose and ears, for best control over the facial expression and placement. You can also embroider a smile, frown or smirk under his nose, if you like.

Thanks for stopping by!
~ Jan

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  1. This is so cute!! The color is perfect!!

  2. I made this! And I have a request from someone for me to make another. Very cute pattern. Thank you.

  3. I also made your pig!