Monday, May 11, 2009

I Love Wire

I admit it.

I've seen some pretty amazing, complex and detailed jewelery made with this stuff, but the things that really catch my eye, the things I love
most, are the ones that are simple lines and shapes. Yes we can coil it and kink it and combine gauges and add beads and fibres and objects and make it a small part of something really wonderful, but what about line drawing and big open spaces? Squiggles, shapes, swirls and spirals, these are some of the things I like to make the most. They're simple, fast to make in some cases and they look just really great.

Here are a couple things I made this past week from some 18 gauge sterling silver. I also made one of those owls from copper. I love it!

Thanks for stopping by! ~Jan

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  1. Oh, too cute! I love your wire creations! I have never gotten to that point with wire, I think it intimidates me!! I wanted to drop over and thank you for your idea for using that hammered cable chain. Isn't it funny how you get such vivid design ideas?! You can see it so clearly, it is just too bad we can't get them from brain to blog a little more easily! :) Have a nice weekend!

  2. Thanks for the kind words, Lisa! I remember feeling that way about wire, but craft wire is so inexpensive. All it took is determination and some time to sit and fiddle with it. Don't focus on 'finished product', but rather the exploration process and you'll have a good time.

    I'm really enjoying your blog! Happy weekend to you!

  3. Yes! Simple wire designs! You're a girl after my own heart. Like to add some wire to my jewelry. And those owls are too cute!