Thursday, May 7, 2009

Another Bandana Shirt

Inspired by such blogs as Mary Olsen's Crafter's Guru and Jan DiCintio's Daisy Janie, I whipped up this little summer bandana shirt for my daughter. She's eight, so it'll fit her perfectly for a good long while as a baggy and breezy shirt, but it could also fit a toddler as a dress.

I found these bright and gorgeous bandanas at the dollar store last time I was there, and bought two each of my daughter's favourite colours to wear: turquoise and green. After washing and ironing, I followed the instructions (from memory actually, it was that easy) I'd seen on both the websites I'd seen this on and made a cute turquoise top. I sewed all the seams down on this one, and embellished the bottom front with a few Tulip's "Glam it Up" iron-on crystals.

I'm considering making something different for her from the green bandanas. A skirt maybe? If she really likes this shirt, then I'll make her another. I hope it's really warm out this weekend, so I can see my girl in this!

Check out the links above for those instructions and try it yourself!

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~ Jan

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