Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Happy Halloween!

A while back, one of my favourite blogs, Dollar Store Crafts, showed us some super cool silicone ice cube trays in skull shapes! Needless to say I had to have it, but I don’t have a Dollar Tree store here! A quick message to Heather at DSC enabled me to do a trade with her. She sent me some skull moulds (and became my Hero) and I sent her the Sesame Street monster moulds my local Dollarama has.

It was all for this year’s Halloween Bash and Bake Sale at my kids’ school. In the past, I’ve brought bagged “mouse brains” (failed and crumbled puffed wheat squares in brown paper sacks) and bug-filled popcorn balls (melted marshmallow and Jello powder tossed popcorn with gummies pressed inside), and this year, sugar calaveras!

All you need to make these sugar skulls are some handy dandy skull ice cube moulds, sugar, water and a package of icing tubes specially designed for cookies. I used Cake Mate Scribblers. I think they’re just called Cake Mate Classic Writing Icing in the U.S. It dries hard, almost like royal icing, but comes in nice bright primary colours.


I followed Heather’s tutorial on how to make Edible Sugar Skulls (I also added a couple drops of peppermint extract to spruce up the flavour)and then decorated them with my Cake Mate Scribblers. Then when they were dry, I used another package of Scribblers to glue the skulls to some card stock I stamped with a really cool skull-themed portrait oval. Cool huh? Pop them into some zipper bags (or decorative Halloween treat bags, if you were smart enough to buy them at the start of the season, unlike me) and you’re all set!

Thanks for checking this out!