Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Partnering with AllFreeCrochet.com!

A few weeks ago, AllFreeCrochet.com contracted me to make some crochet videos for the video tutorials section of their website. I've been reading Favecrafts.com and AllFreeCrochet.com newsletters for some time now. I've recommended them before and continue to do so. I have shared my free patterns with them, and now I've begun making a video series demonstrating the skills needed to create your own amigurumi. It's called Creating Amigurumi and the first episode was posted today, both on my channel and on AllFreeCrochet.com's channel.

I can't tell you how excited I am that more people are interested in my videos. After all, I had never set out to do anything more than show a few friends how I'd made something. It's cool that it's grown to a channel with 12 very popular videos, with a combined 461,759 views. I get messages every day on YouTube from viewers asking for more videos and advice about everything from pattern reading to what to buy a crochet-loving girlfriend for her birthday.

I hope you enjoy this latest video and the rest of the series to come!

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  1. Hi Jan, I love your blog, I found it because I saw a video on youtube of amigurumi,I am Spanish but I managed to understand so far, thanks for sharing your work with us, I follow your blog, you have a blessed week.
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